Dr. Tomar’s Skincare Resolutions for 2023

New Years Resolutions for Your Skin | SupriyaMD Skincare | Palm Beach Skincare

Most of us have resolutions like getting in shape and eating healthier, but we don’t usually think of our skin when it comes to the new year. But your dermatologist does! And Dr. Tomar is sharing what she hopes her patients will try to improve their skin’s health in the new year.

Try Double Cleansing

Give it a try, at least for a month and you’ll see a tremendous difference in the health of your skin. Double cleansing serves several purposes, and we recommend double cleansing each night to get the most benefit out of it. The first cleanse starts with removing dirt, makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, and pollutants that sit on your skin throughout the day. It’s important to clear all of this off your skin because it can cause enlarged pores, dry out your skin, and exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles.

The second cleanse should be one that works specifically with your skin type, and it will help combat any issues like dryness, acne, or hyperpigmentation. It also serves to wash away any dirt or makeup that might’ve been missed in the first step and gets your skin perfectly prepped for any skincare products you’ll be applying following it. If you're looking for which cleansers are right for you, we suggest booking an appointment with an esthetician or dermatologist to help target your needs.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

This is a habit we encourage everyone to try, if nothing else. Apply a generous layer of SPF 30+ sunscreen every morning and do your best to reapply it throughout the day. There are plenty of options available that you can easily carry with you, including powders that seamlessly brush on over makeup like this one. And trust us, if you think it’s a hassle to remember to apply your sunscreen every day, the expense of neglecting it is much higher trying to correct it.

And sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days, or times when you know you’ll be spending a prolonged period of time in the sun. It should be applied every day, including cloudy or overcast days because UV rays are still reaching your skin and doing damage (even if you aren’t getting a sun burn). Daily UV exposure throughout your lifetime is responsible for approximately 90% of skin aging, making sunscreen one of the best things you can possibly do to reduce and prevent the signs of aging, and it greatly reduces your chances of getting skin cancer.

Get Active

Choosing the right actives in your skincare depends on your skin type and what issues you’re dealing with in particular. Retinol is one that we recommend for anyone regardless of age or skincare concern because of it’s versatility in treating skin that’s oily, dry, and everything in between. A few favorites of ours include vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and there are many more. If you’re looking for a guide on what actives would be ideal to incorporate into your daily skincare routine, we’ve put together this guide to help you.

What's your new year's resolution? Contact us today to help you meet those resolutions by contacting our office at 561.805.9399 or info@supriyamd.com. 

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