Rituals vs. Routines: making your skin an enjoyable priority

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Ever been wiped out at the end of a long evening and washing your face was the last thing on your mind? Or do you simply struggle with remembering to get a facial on a consistent basis? Here are a few steps that will help even the most forgetful when trying to take adequate care of their skin. 

1. Make Your Home Skincare Area Appealing

When your vanity is cluttered with other items that belong in the medicine cabinet or the lighting is just not great, it can make it difficult to get comfortable there for a few minutes each day. Try organizing your products according to how you use them, make sure the lighting is ideal, and add comfortable touches that will naturally draw you into the space.

2. Make Cotton Swabs, Rounds, And Headbands Readily Available

Making sure that these skin cleansing must-haves are always within reach will keep your skincare on the forefront of your mind. Don't stick them in a drawer somewhere. Keep them in open containers right on the vanity beside your products so that you don't have to rummage for them. Take your headband and place it directly in front of your products so it's likely to be the first thing you grab each time. 

3. Set A Reminder On Your Phone

In fact, why not start right now? Pick up your device and repeat after us: "Remind me at 9:00pm every day to wash my face." Feel free to tailor it to your schedule if 9:00pm is too early or too late for you, depending on the day.

When it comes to keeping your botox, filler, or HydraFacial appointments, this is easiest to do when you're here. If you regularly get treatments (and you should if you want to maintain your results), see how long you usually go in between appointments and set the same reminder on your phone for your next one while you're visiting the office. Here's what we recommend: HydraFacial once a month, Clear + Brilliant or fillers every six months, and botox every 3-4 months.

4. Declutter Your Products & Stick To The Basics

If minimalism is the key to success for you, start by going through the expiration dates on your products and toss out anything that's expired or you no longer use. Make sure each product in your supply is something that realistically works for your skin, and toss away what doesn't. If you haven't already, make an appointment with an esthetician or dermatologist and make sure you are using the right products in the right way.

5. Try something new every six months

This is something that can go hand in hand with the change of the seasons. During the winter, try adding in a rich, moisturizing and luxurious face mask when you swap out your products just for fun, or give a new laser a try that you've been thinking about for a while. It can be fun to shake up your routine sometimes, and you might discover a new favorite product or treatment that you never knew you'd like! 

6. Make your skincare appointment days fun

It may sound like common sense, but your skincare treatments should be appointments you look forward to. Treat yourself to an express facial or pick out a new skincare product to try when you're at your appointments so it becomes more about some "me time" instead of just another appointment you have to run to. Self-care is a big deal, so indulge in it a little bit and have fun with your skin.

7. Build A Bedside Beauty Basket

If you've already flopped down on your bed and the idea of getting up to start your nightly routine sounds like too much, keep a basket beside your bed of the essentials. We recommend keeping items like makeup remover wipes, retinoids, and night creams that work for your skin type, just to name a few.

These are just a few ways you can transform taking care of your skin into more of a fun ritual instead of a burdensome daily task. Forming healthy and consistent skincare habits will benefit you down the road (remember that prevention costs a lot less than correction) and keep your skin looking youthful longer.

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