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It sounds like a cruel joke, but the number of people dealing with adult acne and the signs of aging has been on the rise lately. We know, it’s completely unfair, but luckily there are ways to get rid of acne for good in ways that don’t dry out your skin even more and worsen the lines and wrinkles you’re trying to defeat.

We’re going to squash the rumor here and now: acne is not just a teenage problem. In fact, as I write this I’m dealing with a breakout on my chin, and I’m in my 40’s. There are so many reasons acne can occur that go beyond teenage hormones. First of all, oily skin can and does happen to anyone of any age. And so do hormones. In fact, hormones are a big problem for women from pre- to post-menopause and they’re the same hormones that can cause a lot of acne. While acne beyond menopause is typically rare, ever since it became standard to wear masks every day there has been a rise in “maskne” because so many of us re-use masks.

The good news about all of this is if you have oily skin already, you’re going to age much slower than your dry skin counterparts. Your skin’s overproduction of sebum has worked wonders for you by providing adequate protection against the free radicals that age you and locking in the moisture your skin needs to stay youthful. But you’ll have to take extra steps to minimize breakouts and the possibility of acne scarring, and that might mean steering clear of the rich, heavy moisturizers that become standard staples of most anti-aging routines.

If you want to minimize acne but keep your youthful skin, there are a few special tricks you’ll have to follow to keep up. First of all, stay away from pre-packaged, “oily skin” routines that don’t take into account the unique balancing act you’re trying to perform. Most of them will dry out your skin and you’ll be yo-yoing between rehydrating and dehydrating, taking a major toll on your skin and speeding up the signs of aging fast.

Side note: if your acne is persistent and goes beyond just a breakout here and there, we recommend getting treatment for it such as chemical peels, facial treatments, and other in-office procedures that will get it under control before you take over at home.

Our first recommendation is incorporating a retinol into your routine. Retinol is necessary for any skin type because it regulates oil production, meaning it will stimulate it in skin that’s lacking and get oil under control in skin that’s overproducing it. Retinol is a strong anti-aging and anti-acne ingredient, making it your ideal product to maintain the delicate balance between too much and too little oil.

Our second recommendation is finding a non-comedogenic moisturizer that will keep your pores open and still deliver the moisture your skin needs to stay plumped up. Moisturizers are often skipped by people with acne, and it’s possibly the worst thing you can do to your skin as you’re aging because it’ll dry you out quickly with the harsher acne products. We recommend something containing hyaluronic acid like HA Collagen Restore Crème or Filler In A Bottle because both deliver a strong blast of moisture without clogging pores. And the plus side with each product: a little goes a long way so you'll get a decent bang for your buck with them.

And our biggest recommendation is finding a sunscreen that won’t clog your skin, especially considering a majority of aging comes from the sun’s harmful rays. Our best-seller for acneic/aging skin is Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50 because it’s super lightweight formula is meant to cover your skin up without being too occlusive. It’s free of harmful chemicals and it won’t leave that ghostly white sheen on your face that most sunscreens do.

If you need more recommendations, we highly recommend you don’t just go to the nearest Ulta or other big box skincare store and wing it. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician first, find out what’s really causing your acne, and get personal recommendations from someone who has looked closely at your skin and understands what’s happening with it.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation, you can contact our office at 561.805.9399 or info@supriyamd.com to be sure you get the best treatment for your skin.

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