12 Life Hacks for Healthy, Youthful Skin

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12 healthy skin hacks
Get the most out of your skincare routine at home with these simple strategies for healthy and happy skin. 

We all know that regular visits to your dermatologist and a solid skincare routine at home are fundamental to maintaining youthful, fresh, and healthy skin. However, you may still notice skin issues popping up as a result of environmental, diet, and lifestyle factors. If you have a strong skincare regimen and still struggle with breakouts, dry skin, premature aging, or other issues, try our suggestions below for simple ways to treat your skin at home.

  • Extreme hot water can strip your skin of it's protective barriers, making it more susceptible to damage and prompting excessive oil production. Skip the long, hot showers for cooler, shorter 10-minute or less ones and avoid excessively hot water when cleansing your face. 
  • Avoid fragrances and artificial colors in your products, especially if you have sensitive skin. And make sure you never use anything on your face that claims to be antibacterial.
  • Extend your skin care products down to your neck and chest. They will show the signs of aging before your face, and the skin in those areas can be sensitive and more prone to wrinkles and age spots. Swap out your body wash or bar soap in this area for the same facial cleansers you normally use, and moisturize it the same way you would your face. 
  • Is your skin more itchy and dry than usual? Weather Try running a humidifier in your bedroom overnight. It will benefit both your skin and your breathing.
  • Switch your moisturizers out each season. If you reside in Florida during the summer, a lighter moisturizer with sunscreen would be ideal, and something a bit more rich will be more suited for individuals who live in cold, winter climates. 
  • Don't forget that your hands and feet can show the signs of aging just like your face and neck. To keep that skin looking youthful, slather on a thick layer of Lumiquin and slip on thin fabric socks and gloves overnight. 
  • Planning a day in the sun? Steer clear of scented lotions and perfumes, and keep the SPF at 30 and up. Re-apply it every two hours, or more if you plan on swimming.
  • For an added layer of UV protection, apply a vitamin C cream to your face on top of your sunblock.
  • Going for a run outdoors can be beneficial for your skin as your body sweats out toxins that can damage your skin, however, keep sunscreen in mind and be sure to shower immediately when you get home to prevent clogging your pores with sweat and oil.
  • Prevent premature aging by avoiding these two skin destroyers: smoking and tanning.
  • Try not to touch your face. Your hands come in contact with many surfaces throughout the day, and each surface has bacteria on it. So don't touch your eyes or rest your face on your hand.
  • Do you have itchy, irritated eyes? Apply compresses as opposed to rubbing them. The delicate skin around your eyes cannot tolerate rough treatment, and will pre-maturely age if you frequently aggravate the skin.

For more tips on how to make the most of your home routine between appointments, schedule an appointment with us today by calling 561-805-9399 to make sure you select products that work best for your skin type.

Get the most out of your skincare routine.
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