Skincare Tips That Dermatologists Use Themselves

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Skincare Tips in West Palm Beach and Jupiter FL

Get expert tips on the best at-home skincare practices and products that will keep your skin healthy, supple, and youthful between appointments with your dermatologist

Ever wondered what dermatologists do at home in their personal skincare routine? For many of us, our skincare routine is trial and error and as we age our routine changes, too. Dermatologists have the advantage of knowing what works best for all skin types at all ages, and now we would like to pass our wisdom on to you. 

Layer on the Defense 
We frequently discuss the importance of sunscreen as a preventative measure against damaging UV rays and skin cancer, but sunscreen may be the strongest shield in your anti-aging routine. Sun exposure accounts for approximately 90% of the signs of aging, and incorporating sunscreen into your routine at an early age is the best way to hang on to your naturally youthful glow for as long as possible. If you neglected sunscreen early on and you are now concerned that your skin is aging as a result, it's never too late. The more protection you can offer your skin now, the more opportunity it will have to correct previous damage and repair itself. Paying special attention to apply generous amounts of sunscreen to your face, neck, ears and hands will give your skin the advantage it needs to fight premature aging.
What we use at home: a physical sunscreen—it protects from further damage, helps in reversing damage that's already done, and helps decrease your risk of skin cancer.

Tint Away Your Age 
A little tinted moisturizer goes a long way in hiding your age. Over the years sun damage can cause brown spots and hyperpigmentation, making your skin tone look uneven and aged. Incorporating a tinted moisturizer can help balance out color and give you a little extra glow without exposing your skin to harmful rays. 
What we use at home: this tinted suncreen—it matches any skin tone, comes in matte or original formula, and provides UV protection.

Treat Twice & Pair Up 
If you haven't already, create morning and night routines that work differently and make sure you pair products that compliment one another. Generously slathering your skin in protective formulas like sunscreen and antioxidants will be most beneficial in your morning routine. At night, washing your skin and applying any skin clearing topical products and peptides will give your skin that extra advantage as it repairs itself while you sleep.
What we use at home: For the morning, Vitamin C E Ferulic and some sunscreen will prepare your skin for the day. At night, we use Regenerative Growth Factor Creme, Daily Youth Creme, and a retinol eye cream.

Build a Bedside Basket 
If you're anything like us, sometimes a hectic day at work makes it difficult to make the short trek from our bed to the bathroom to apply our night serums and products. Put together a little basket on your bedside table that contains the essentials, so you'll have no excuse as you lie in your bed trying to muster up the energy to start your nightly skincare routine. 
What we use at home: Our basket includes some makeup remover wipes because we never advocate going to bed with your makeup still on. We also prefer Filler in a Bottle because it's a great way to moisturize and plump between visits and it's gentle enough for acne-prone skin. Finally, we never ever EVER forget to use a retinol each night, so make sure you include one that's the right percentage for you.

Zen Out Your Skin 
Being a doctor, our dermatologist knows a thing or two about stress. And she also knows that stress can lead to hormonal acne breakouts and flare ups from existing skin conditions such as psoriasis for our patients. Taking a moment each day, week, or month to relax and treat your skin is one of the most beneficial things you can do—not just for your skin, but your whole body. 
What we suggest you try: Dr. Tomar gets a relaxing Hydrafacial when she can, and we recommend using a light face mask at home once or twice a week to give yourself a moment to calm your busy mind and clear out your skin. 

Bend Over Backward for Your Skin 
Research suggests that yoga poses like Downward Facing Dog and Child's Pose give your circulation a boost and increase oxygen flow, which gives you that beautiful, healthy yoga glow. Stretching of any kind (when done within your body's limits) is beneficial for circulation, boosted energy levels, and decreased muscle tension—and can make your skin positively glow.
What we suggest at home: If you aren't interested in engaging in a full yoga routine, just doing some stretching and poses before bed can be enough to help. It will give you the added benefit of calming you just before bed, too! 

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