Think acne is just for teens? Think again.


Acne Treatment in Jupiter FL

People of all ages can suffer from acne. But what causes it, and what can you do to get rid of this annoying skin issue for good?

When many of us think of acne, we imagine it to be a teenage hormonal issue, or worse, an indicator of poor hygiene. While it is true that hormones play a role in kids and young adults who are struggling to get their complexion under control, severe acne is neither a sign of poor hygiene nor exclusive to teenagers. In fact, we have even treated patients that were trying to fight wrinkles and acne at the same time. 

Acne is often a struggle because of where it most commonly appears—your face. It is the first impression the world has of you and as a result, most of us want to present the best impression possible. Acne has the ability to destroy confidence in individuals that feel they need to hide or cover up their face, sometimes layering on makeup that actually exacerbates acne by spreading bacteria. And when kids struggling to fit in during their teenage years can't get their skin under control, they tend to use harsh products that may dry out and damage their skin. So what are some safe and effective options for reducing acne in both teens and adults?

Why should you visit a dermatologist to treat acne?
Sometimes traditional skin care products simply aren't enough when dealing with severe and uncontrollable acne, and patients give up on trying to fight it and leave it untreated. Leaving acne untreated increases the risk of scarring and can also prolong it, meaning that some patients will suffer unnecessarily for months or even years before it finally clears up. A dermatologist won't simply provide you with the same skin care products you can purchase elsewhere—your dermatologist can get to the root of the problem and not only cure it, but prevent future breakouts by determining the underlying cause. Once the underlying cause is determined, your recommended course of treatment will be set for you, tailored specifically to safely yet aggressively cure your blemishes. 

What are some different types of acne treatments?
There are a wide array of treatments based on both the patient's preference and their recommended course of treatment. Some patients prefer systemic treatments (oral medication such as isotretinoin that have an 85% cure rate) which come in the form of prescription medication aimed at correcting the imbalances that can lead to breakouts. Topical solutions (applied directly to the skin) are often effective for patients struggling with severe acne, or a combination of treatments including laserslight therapychemical peelsphotodynamic therapymicroneedling, and more.

My acne is gone but my skin is scarred. What are my options?
Struggling with permanent acne scars often erode what little self confidence patients are able to recover after curing their acne, and luckily there are plenty of options available to get rid of the scars. Click here to read about the many  options available to treat all types of scarring, including atrophic scars, and see what works best for you.

Stop letting acne negatively affect your life and talk with a dermatologist today. With all of the advanced treatments available, any type of acne can be eliminated.

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